LED that cares eye health first!!


Light similar to nature gives us healthy life and vitality.

Please try various types of LED lighting.

Experience the value of  LVXMEA  a lighting that has never existed in the world!

It presents a beautiful light.
  • · Eyes are comfortable and small letters are easy to see.
  • · Since the light efficiency is higher than that of existing LED lighting, it is brighter and reduces electricity consumption by more than 20%.
  • · Reduces eye fatigue even under long exposure.
  • · Light is clear and transparent because it does not use a light diffusion PC.
  • · It has a classy design and specialty
  • · Eye protection is essential for modern people; there is no better lighting than this for growing children.
Existing LED lighting
  • · Direct-type lighting has glare, so it can adversely affect the eyes.
  • · In the case of the existing edge method, it is less dazzling, but there is a disadvantage that the light efficiency is lowered.
  • · Eyes get tired when exposed for a long time.
  • · It is a milky, cloudy light due to using a light diffusion PC.
  • · The longer it is used, the more the light efficiency decreases due to the discoloration of the light diffusion plate.
Better visual quality
Increases visual recognition function
Clean and bright World
Comfortable light feeling
Better biorhythm
Maintains a sense of mental and physical stability
Helps eye health
Enhances sleep quality
Better psychological sense
Sustains comfortable mood
Refreshing mood
No eye fatigue even with prolonged exposure.