LVXMEA Introduction

A really good LED lighting that has never been in the world.

Yunamtech Co., Ltd. is a company that has been steadily performing ultra-precision machining and assembly business of aircraft parts as an axis of the aerospace field for over 30 years since its foundation in 1990. Based on our accumulated experience and technology, we have entered the LED lighting business to create a lighting that is beneficial to people with removed harmful elements to the human body. Now, we will serve customers with good LED lighting.
It presents a beautiful light.
  • Eyes are comfortable and small letters are easy to see.
  • ince the light efficiency is higher than that of existing LED lighting, it is brighter and reduces electricity consumption by more than 20%.
  • Reduces eye fatigue even under long exposure.
  • Light is clear and transparent because it does not use a light diffusion PC.
  • It has a classy design and specialty
  • Eye protection is essential for modern people; there is no better lighting than this for growing children.
Existing LED lighting
  • Direct-type lighting has glare, so it can adversely affect the eyes.
  • In the case of the existing edge method, it is less dazzling, but there is a disadvantage that the light efficiency is lowered.
  • Eyes get tired when exposed for a long time.
  • It is a milky, cloudy light due to using a light diffusion PC.
  • The longer it is used, the more the light efficiency decreases due to the discoloration of the light diffusion plate.

Efficiency of  LVXMEA  LED lighting products

A product in which the perspective of light is made in a smooth manner

Conventional direct method

  • Existing direct method uses a light diffusing PC, so most of the light is reflected and only partially passes through, so only a part of the entire light source is used.
  • The light does not spread evenly, and the areas where the LEDs are not arranged will have dark shadows.
  • Only the area with LED emits strong light, causing eye fatigue.

Our edge method

  • By using PMMA resin (polymer material), it makes light smooth, helping UV suppression and myopia & astigmatism prevention.
  • Since most of the light source is widely diffused and spread through refraction and reflection through PMMA resin intaglio by the edge method, it is more efficient than conventional LED lighting and reduces usage by more than 20%.
Features of  LVXMEA's own technology
LVXMEA developed with patented technology
The light guide panel (LGP) used for LVXMEA edge lighting receives a lot of light projected from the light source, and distributes light evenly through diffuse reflection and refraction by the 3D V-Cutting surface treated on the surface. It is the product with the best physical properties among acrylic plates. It is made of 3D-type V-Cutting processing technology on the surface of the LGP with CNC machining equipment so that the entire surface light source panel can emit smooth light, making it a distinctive and offering special 3 No's (No electromagnetic wave, No light distortion, No flicker phenomenon).
Related patents
· Patent No. 114920 Optical display device
· Patent No. 049978 Optical display device
· Patent No. 10-541229 Light display device

(The 3 No features of LVXMEA)

Home LED lighting with less eye strain
It protects eyesight because there is no light tremor and flicker, and protects the eye health of students and office workers who work under the light for a long time.

(Color rendering comparison)

It offers eye health and vitality in life.
Yunam LIGHT's LVXMEA product is a high color rendering product similar to sunlight with a color rendering rate of 85% or higher. It has less color distortion and less glare, so it is not only excellent in protecting eyesight, but also having a psychological stability effect to lead a healthy life.